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Party Melts - Pack of 17

Party Melts - Pack of 17

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Melt. Inhale. Relax. Repeat.

With their chunky, long lasting size and hand poured vibes, our Party Melts are cute, giftable, and impossibly fragrant.

No longer do you have to choose from our collection of can’t-get-enough scents, instead you can get every fragrance we offer all in the one JUMBO pouch! So, chill until the postie rocks up with your perfectly packaged entire collection of delectable melts.

And if you’re looking for a zero-flame way to get your melt on, check out our Luxe Ceramic Warmer (spoiler alert: it heats the wax using electricity, not a candle - fancy!).


  • Includes x 17 melts, one of every fragrance
  • Sprinkled with biodegradable glitter (made from plants NOT plastic making it extra sparkly and good for our planet)
  • Each melt is individually packaged and labelled
  • Large size for a lingering scent
  • Can be used in both flame and electronic warmers

Important stuff to know:

  • Ensure you follow all safety instructions included on packaging
  • Handpoured to order
  • Please allow 7 days for your melts to leave our studio
  • Warmer NOT included

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