Frequently Asked Questions

How does client gifting work?


1. You enquire with us/ complete the form.

2. We email you the gifting catalogue.

3. You decide on the perfect gift box you'd like to send + any customisations.

4. You automate your emails to notify us whenever you sign a new client or want a gift box sent (including the recipients details).

5. That's it, we do the rest! We make all the products fresh to order, package the gift box and post it directly to the recipient on your behalf.

6. You get to sit back and enjoy your clients sharing on social media, singing your praises and writing letters of thanks without having to lift a finger.

How long does it take?

Because we make all of our products fresh to order, we ask that you allow 7 business days for your gift boxes to be created, packaged and posted. So be sure to notify us with enough time or advise us if it's urgent.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Absolutely not! You can send 1 gift box or 50 and we would be delighted to help!

However, the more gift boxes you order/ send with us each month will entitle you to some bulk discounts!

When you send less than 10 gift boxes each month, the cost per box remains the same.

10-20 gift boxes gets you a discount off each box (discount varies depending on the gift box chosen).

20+ gift boxes gets you a bigger discount again (discount varies depending on the gift box chosen).

How do I pay for the gift boxes?

We invoice all of our clients at the end of each month, so we can make sure any applicable discounts have been applied.

Payment options available are PayPal, AfterPay, Visa, Mastercard

Who do you post with?

Currently, we are using both AusPost and Sendle. We alternate between the 2 so we can ensure the best postage price for our client. Should you prefer 1 postal business over the other we can exclusively use them upon your request.

Please note that postage per gift box sent is not included in the gift box price, this is an additional charge that gets added to your invoice at the exact rate we get charged (so as to not accidentally over or under charge you).

What if I accidentally give you the wrong address?

We understand mistakes happen and if you are able to pick this error up in time before we send the gift box, we can easily change the address.

Should you notice after the gift box has been dropped off to the postal service, we will do our best to communicate with them and redirect it, however, it is no longer in our control so cannot guarantee anything.

If the gift box gets delivered to the original wrong address provided we can arrange for another gift box to be sent to the new address ASAP. Keep in mind though you will be charged for both gift boxes and postage required.

Can I collect the gift boxes myself?

At this stage we don't offer pick up. However, if you are local to Penrith and are wanting to distribute the gift boxes yourself (like a real estate). We can arrange a local delivery drop off for $5 per order each month.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered above?

Send us an email and we will be happy to help!