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Handmade soy candles that welcome you home

Candles are more than just decor, they’re a feeling, a finer detail, a finishing touch.

At TFD, we combine pure soy wax, luxe fragrances, wood wicks, and a bunch of science-y knowledge to create long-lasting, feel-good candles for all your favourite moments.

Revel in that clean-house feeling

But candles aren’t just for special occasions, ok? Don’t be that weirdo who never actually uses a candle because it’s “too nice” to light.

The simple but oh-so satisfying pleasure of blitz-cleaning your home and revelling in the bliss that follows is reason enough, so get your PJs on and light 'em up, baby.

Inhale nostalgia, exhale peace

Did you know, our ability to smell comes from a tiny bunch of cells inside the nose that’s directly linked to our brain? No wonder certain smells can trigger memories and feelings.

From the nostalgia of Christmas to the tropical feels of your favourite cocktail bar in Bali, just one whiff of a remembered fragrance can whisk you away and melt stress.


About the maker

Hey! I’m Emily.

I’ve worked in hospitality and events for many years, so I’m all about finer details, finishing touches and making people feel special.

Making candles is my creative outlet and a way of spreading love and good vibes, so I can’t wait for you to experience the instant hit of joy that comes when you light one.

Behind the scenes, I’m all about family and adventure, so if you follow us on Insta, you can look forward to candle content, life updates, and the odd trip to wherever’s next on our bucket list.

To the finer details,

Emily x

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