Custom home fragrance gift boxes designed for your clients to indulge in.

Client Gifting - A streamlined process to help increase client retention, build brand awareness and have memorable client experiences, without adding to your current workload.

  • You tell us exactly what you need and within 24-48hrs we will reach out with our gifting catagloue.

  • We work together to find or create the perfect gift box you want your cleints to recieve.

  • Once you have decided on exactly what you want, we get to creating and post every time you notify us of a new client!

How are we different?

We don’t create gift boxes that have a bunch of products in it that every other gift box company uses, or your clients can just buy at the shops. We carefully curate a gift box filled with handcrafted products we make in house, designed to spoil and nurture your clients that may struggle to take timeout for themselves. Our gift boxes are one of a kind and you know your competitors can’t offer the same thing.

With our Automated Client Gifting Services you’ll get better brand awareness and higher client retention all whilst make your clients feel appreciated without having to lift a finger.

"This was exactly what I have been looking for!

For too long I have been wasting my time creating my own welcome gifts, because I struggled to find the perfect business to do it for me.

Now, my clients are getting gifts without me having to do a thing, and my time is being better spent elsewhere, thank you!"

  • Say goodbye to...

    🙅Feeling overwhelmed about how to welcome your new clients and then not welcoming them at all and wondering if they feel undervalued.

  • Instead you'll...

    🥳 Have an auto generated email that gets sent straight to me the moment a new client signs up and we will have their welcome gift in the mail before you realise. 

  • 🙅Spending weeks trying to create your own welcome gifts, have them look average and cost way more than you budgeted

  • 🥳 Get gift boxes sent straight to your customers, packaged beautifully and you know exactly what the cost will be beforehand. 

  • 🙅Always feeling like your wasting your time and energy on the wrong things in your business.

  • 🥳 Feel free to work on your business and your clients instead of on tasks that can be managed by someone else. 

  • 🙅 Imagine having an amazing business, service or offering but not being able to deliver it to the best of your abilities because you’re wasting your time and money on things you shouldn’t be.

  • 🥳 Imagine having a thriving business that keeps on growing because you’ve invested in a corporate gifting service, and it has automatically helped grow your brand awareness, client retention and relationships and has people waiting to work with you after seeing how satisfied and happy your clients are.

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The only thing standing between you and your dream business is outsourcing your client gifting so you can get clients, keep them longer and get off the "hustle" bandwagon.

Qualifier (Is this you?)


  • Spending your precious time on the wrong things?
  • Signing clients but struggling to make them feel valued/ show your appreciation?
  • Struggling to build client retention?
  • Wanting better brand awareness?

→ Our Corporate Gifting Services is a fully automated service that allows you to not only set and forget, but allows you to spend your precious time on more important things within your business. All whilst your brand awareness (clients sharing your gift on their socials) continues to grow and your client relationships thrive (they feel valued and appreciated from your gift) without you having to do a single thing!